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Ghost Hunt/ Paranormal Investigation

  1. What is the difference between a ghost hunt and a paranormal investigation?

    A ghost hunt is going to a place with no sightings or reports of ghosts and trying to catch some on film. A paranormal investigation is going to a known haunted location (or new location) and recording data (meter readings, audio, video, temperatures, photos), notes, interviews, and other evidence to confirm or disprove the haunting.

  2. What equipment should be used to conduct an investigation/hunt?

    • Your eyes, ears, and intuition.
    • Prayers of Protection (Optional)
    • Notebook and pen
    • A watch (noting time is very important)
    • Flashlight
    • EMF detector and compass
    • Recorders (digital and tape)
    • Cameras (video, film, digital)
    • Thermometer (ambient as well as contact should be used)
    • Thermal Camera (optional)
    • Tri- Field Meter (optional)

    You can use almost anything during investigations, as long as you have a working theory. Many times, equipment used during paranormal investigations was initially created for a purpose outside of paranormal research. Someone in the field developed a theory, used the equipment, and obtained results. There are no set guidelines for equipment. As long as it is not harmful or destructive to the people present or the property, anything is possible!

  3. What can I use from home for ghost hunts/investigating?

    A lot of items we bring on investigations are commonly used at home. Some of these items are:

    • Flashlight
    • Notebook
    • Pens, pencils, markers
    • Graph paper (works well for grids if you do not use forms)
    • Digital or 35mm camera
    • Video camera
    • First aid kit
    • Tape measure
  4. What should I do before going to a haunted location?

    1. Prior to investigating a location you should educate yourself. Research the types of activity, theories, types of entities, equipment used (and the theory behind the equipment used and how to operate it properly), and methods of investigating. You can never obtain too much knowledge in this field. If possible, join an established team on an investigation. This will help you gain proper investigative techniques. Most of all be safe and always be professional.
    2. ASK PERMISSION! from the property owner(s) and get that permission in writing to keep with you. Please do not attempt to "sneak" into a haunted location. This is known as trespassing, and is punishable by law, not to mention, you can be putting yourself at risk. This makes the whole paranormal community look bad, so don't do it! We have been on an investigation, with the owner's permission, where a neighbor showed up at the site armed with a hunting rifle. Imagine how bad that situation could have become if we didn't have permission to be there!
    3. Conduct a walk-through during the day. This will help you identify any safety concerns that might not be visible in the dark (holes, tree limbs, rocks, fences), this is also a good time to grid out the area, if possible.
    4. Obtain as much "history" on the location as you can. This would include conducting interviews.
    5. HAVE A PLAN! Most of us in this field of research know that you must have a plan of action. It is always good to have at least two backup strategies as well, you never know what may occur on an investigation.
    6. Let someone, who is not with your team, know where you are going to be investigating. Keep a cellphone with you. You may need to call for help. It's better to have a way to notify help, than to hope someone finds you.
    7. Make sure all equipment is working properly and fully charged. Take any extra batteries that you may need for your equipment.
    8. Know how to use your equipment! This could be a huge embarrassment to your team, as well as costly, if you cannot properly use the equipment.
    9. We recommend that you check the weather as well. You cannot collect convincing evidence in the rain or snow. The photos and audio may be contaminated by outside factors. Also, consider the safety of your team. It is okay to reschedule due to inclimate weather.

  5. How much does it cost to have my location investigated?

    We do not charge for our investigations, consults, or referrals. All of our services are free. There are teams that charge, this being their preference, but our team is among those that believe this is not necessary. We do this for a common goal, to contribute to the field of paranormal research.

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Haunting Activity and Entities

  1. What is a ghost?

    A ghost is a human (sometimes animal) figure, witnessed by someone, which cannot be physically present; a disembodied soul. Ghosts are also reported to be a person's energy that continues to exist even though the physical body has perished.

  2. Are ghosts harmful?

    For the most part, no. Most ghosts do not intend to frighten you or harm you. Many times the activity is misinterpreted as harmful or malevolent. They may want to be acknowledged, helped, maybe they are confused and unaware they have died, and sometimes they just want to be left alone. Occasionally, you will have an angry or mischievous ghost that tries to frighten or intimidate you. This is that ghost's way of having control over the situation.Try to avoid showing heightened emotions such as fear or anger. Remember, like draws like. Try not to show fear or anger.

  3. How do I get rid of a ghost?

    There is no proven way to rid your home of ghosts and spirits. There are methods that have been reported to work. We have included them here.

    Ask the ghost or spirit to leave or move on. You can tell them, in a way that is non-emotional, that it is time for them to leave and they are not welcome in your home or location. Never provoke, challenge, or threaten a ghost. You may make your situation worse by doing so.

    You may also try to get a minister or priest to give your home a blessing. Smudging your home with sage is also reported to have good results. We do not advise you to use any type of two-way communication (Ouija, tarot, pendulum, ghost box, shack hack box, automatic writing, channeling, recording EVP) to speak to the ghost. This could also make your situation worse. You may also try to ignore the activity, if you are not particularly frightened or intimidated by it.

    You may want to try calling a paranormal investigative team. Sometimes the ghost has a message or unfinished business.The ghost may not know that he or she is dead and may be confused.The paranormal investigators may be able to assist you in finding out why the ghost is in your home and what he or she may need. Investigations may also find a non-paranormal explanation for your disturbances. All factors are considered in determining if you do in fact have a haunting. An outside perspective may help you identify drafts, creaky floorboards, loose vents and any other noises you overlook in your home. These may lend to the feeling you have a ghost in your home. We are here to help!

  4. What can I do about a "ghost" or haunting that causes me fear or physical injury?

    The first thing you need to do is determine if there is a medical or mental health need at hand. After eliminating this possibility, consider the environmental factors.

    If the activity seems paranormal, we advise you to locate a qualified team to investigate. Ask potential investigative teams about their experience with this type of activity. A team with no experience can make your situation worse. Ask for referrals if you do not feel the teams contacted can help you. It is acceptable for you to ask questions and gain information. Any team that investigates seriously will be willing to help you in any way needed. Please remember that there is no proven step-by-step instructions to eliminate haunting activity. There are methods that have been reported to work. Please see FAQ- How do I get rid of a ghost?

    Use your faith. Faith is a powerful tool. It doesn't matter the religion. When dealing with the paranormal, you have to consider all aspects of a situation.

    It is important to stay strong and maintain a positive mindset. Always remember that you are in control. Try not to let the fear overwhelm you.

  5. What is an intelligent haunting?

    In an intelligent haunting the entity is able to interact with the living. This may include answering questions, touching, manifesting through sight, sound, touch, or smell. The effort to communicate is a key factor in identifying this type of activity.Poltergeist activity may also be reported in an intelligent haunting (movement of objects). Intelligent entities may be human or inhuman. The entity involved in this type of haunting seems aware of the people and events around it and responds either in a negative or positive way.

  6. What is a residual haunting?

    A residual haunting is a playback of past events, activities, traumatic situations, or emotional situations. This can include auditory (sound), olfactory (smell), and visual phenomenon. This tends to occur in the same location every time. A location can be renovated, remodeled, or demolished and still have residual haunting activity reported. This is due to the entity involved replaying the same event in the same manner as it originally happened. The "ghost" involved seems unaware of the changes made to a location. There is also no intentional interaction between a person and the "ghost" involved. The entity seems unaware of the surroundings.

    The activity can occur daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and so on. In theory, it is possible to have residual activity occur involving past events from a living person. This activity is like an echo of that person's history in that location .

  7. What is poltergeist activity?

    Poltergeist activity is characterized by lights turning on and off, movement of objects, and sound (scratching noises, thumps, knocks, and bangs) without identifiable causes. This activity is reported to occur around individuals in puberty stages or a person in a stressful situation. May also be caused by noisy spirits making their presence known. It is also reported that intelligent haunting activity may also exhibit poltergeist activity.

  8. What is demonic haunting activity?

    Demons have never been human. Reported to be characterized by foul odors (sulfur, bowel movement). They are able to present themselves in any form (usually a non threatening human form such as a female or child with some type of feature deformed. Ex: no hands, red/black/missing eyes). Research in demonology suggests that demons are able to do harm. It is reported that this type of activity starts subtle with knocks, taps, or scratching sounds in the walls. Objects may disappear and later reappear in a different location or not reappear at all. It is commonly reported that animals were the first pick up on the activity. Physical attacks have been reported. This includes scratches, bruises, burns, slaps, bite marks, and being shoved or pushed. Growling and hissing sounds are reported. Religious items will be disturbed or destroyed. This type of entity is reported to cause emotional changes such as fear, guilt, anger, depression, sorrow, suicidal thoughts, and self loathing. Sleep disturbances are also reported. It is reported that uncharacteristic behaviors are noted. These include; irrational anger, feelings of hatred, violent outbursts, change in personal appearance/ hygiene. In theory the activity occurs in threes, with the peak activity being between 3:00am and 3:30am.

    ( Note: Many mental health issues can contribute to the emotional/behavioral aspects of this type of claim. If you feel this may be the case please seek the help of a medical professional. Do not attempt to self diagnose. Don't risk the safety of those involved. Please eliminate all possibilities before concluding that a case is demonic.)

  9. What are shadow people and shadow creatures?

    This type of entity is different from "ghosts". They are usually shapeless dark masses or humanoid shape with no distinct features. They are mostly seen in the peripheral vision. They move very fast. Many people who report this type of figure state they had feelings of fear and dread. Reports of a hooded monk like figure and a tall man in a hat are commonly made. There are also reports of shadow creatures resembling cats or dogs.

  10. What is a transient haunting?

    A transient haunting is caused by a spirit that is not bound to a specific location. This spirit can move from place to place. The activity seems to "just happen" meaning that there was no previous reports of paranormal occurrence at the location. The activity can last for minutes, days, months, etc. and seems to go away on its own with no further reports of activity. A possible explanation for this type of haunting is that someone or something caught the interest and attention of the spirit involved. This type of haunting is rare.

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EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

  1. What is EVP?

    EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon. To put it simply, it is voices recorded on a device with no logical explanation of their origin. Generally speaking, humans hear sound waves in the 20-20,000 hertz cycling range. A typical EVP is lower frequency and is NOT audible to our human ears most of the time, nor does the human voice register that low. A lot of EVPs are picked up in the -40 to -90 hertz range.

  2. What are the classes of EVPs?

    There are three classes of EVP. They are classed based on the quality of the recorded voice. The classes are as follows:

    • Class A- Clear and understood by everyone. This type of EVP does not need to be filtered or amplified. Loud and clear. It is clear on what is being said.
    • Class B- Clear, but words or phrases can be inaudible. These EVPs may sound like something completely different to people listening to the same recording.This is the most common type of EVP captured.
    • Class C- Faint and harder to understand. These may sound mumbled, scratchy, or may seem as if there is more than one voice speaking at the same time. Many are faint and seem far away. These are the worst quality EVP captured.
  3. Do you "clean up" your EVP files?

    Generally speaking, we do not "clean up" our EVPs. We only enhance by adding more volume or slowing down the audio files.We only use Class A and our better Class B when reviewing with a client. We do not feel that noise reduction is necessary. Most times, this "noise" is the frequency your audio was using. Over worked EVPs can sound scratchy or robotic. Our advice, don't look for what's not there!

    Try to leave the voice and message as intact as possible. This will help your credibility. We understand that this may be frustrating but, the persistence in this area will pay off. Eventually you and your team will have great results! Keep trying and stay positive!

  4. What software programs are useful for EVP?

    The following lists useful software. Some are available for free, some for a limited time usage demo, others charge. It is up to your team to decide how you would like to process your audio files and what program would meet your needs.

    • Audition
    • Audacity
    • Acoustica
    • Wavepad/Goldwave

    If you have any other software to add to this list, please let us know. We would like to keep all information as accurate as possible!

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